Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker & the Pleasure of making Your own Bread

They say things in life always turn full circle and there appears to be an established trend for people to turn to older, more traditional ways of growing or preparing food.

Many city slickers are growing their own vegetables and take great pleasure from growing the plants to morphy richards otg 60 litres readiness before savouring the natural flavours of the vegetables, untainted by chemicals and pesticides.

And it’s the same in your house with many people turning to the rewarding hobby of breadmaking. It’s debatable if you can actually call it a hobby or not but it’s perhaps an accurate description as it gives amateur breadmakers an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction producing their own bread. Coupled with the fact that cheaply, it is cheaper to buy bread from the supermarket than to but it yourself then if further beefs up the argument that making your own bread is more of a lifestyle choice rather than a practical choice.

There are a number of breadmakers on the market that automate the process of you and the Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker is one of the best. It’s name says it all! It makes bread and it makes it fast-approximately 58 minutes to be precise.

Making your own bread couldn’t be any easier. All that is required is to mix all your ingredients and place them into the low stick bread griddle and the Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker will do the rest. The mixing, rubbing and preparing of the bread takes just under an hour after which time you can enjoy your own warm, aromatic, natural bread.

This particular model offers the ability to choose which size of loaf you would like it to bake. It allows you to choose whether you want your crusts to be dark, medium or light. It even lets you make jam and cakes!

If you think practically then we would probably never make anything ourselves. We wouldn’t bake cakes or cookies as it’s easier and cheaper to buy them from the supermarket but that’s kind of missing the pleasure of preparing your own food and robs you of the satisfaction of eating something that your own two hands has created.

In to Marek and I love preparing my own bread. It’s a great, healthy way to rediscover making food with your own hands and when you make it yourself You can control what you put in it.

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