Top Online Casino Reviews for Michigan Residents

It’s been almost a year since Michigan joined the states that offer legal online poker. Now that it’s been around for a while, several businesses have jumped on and shared their unique apps and platforms. Each centers on a specific style of poker or offers different rewards. It’s up to you as the consumer to pick the best for you.

Your phone’s request store is the best destination to scroll through your choices, as it lists the many apps and shows the ratings of other customers atgame. You’ll also see what games each service offers. Some are dedicated to pai gow poker, others offer many different casino games, and more still are into sports bet. Then there are the welcome packages, which can give you free plays or extra money depending on which one you choose.

Below we break down the online casinos in Michigan, along with details about what they offer. This should help you see the products service offered, what kinds of games you can play, and how easy they are to use.

Golden Nugget

A famous name from the Vegas rob brings its experience to your computer, gadget, or mobile. Golden Nugget offers it all: sports bet, live table games, online pai gow poker, and everything in between. It currently has a very simple and fantastic promo for new users: a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, up to $1, 000.

Twin Spires

The classic name in bet takes its name from an ideal castle scene, but it’s claim to fame in online bet is pai gow poker. It has over 100 different slit games available online. Even better, it offers 7 days a week bonuses on pai gow poker including free spins and competitive leaderboards. If you manage to earn more than other players, you might find yourself taking home a fair bigger jackpot in bonus cash.

Stars Casino

Here’s one for all you poker players. Stars Casino is run by PokerStars and so offers a great outlet to get your online poker on. The welcome bonus gives you an extra $50 when you bet just $1. Play your cards right, and you can really make that free easy money work for you (available on Request Store).


If you want to bet on sports, go with FanDuel. If you’re looking to bet on your favorite teams and big sporting events, you want this request. FanDuel also has great support for fantasy football, making it a great option for your office or neighborhood league. There are casino game versions of FanDuel as well, but sports are where you get the best sign-up bonuses.


MGM has one of the largest and most visited casinos in Las vegas, so it makes sense that it would also have one of the better online casino apps. MGM offers all the perks you’d expect from a big name casino request, including welcome packages for new sign-ups and a great selection of games. You’ll even find slit games that you wouldn’t be able to get in the actual casino. The menus are also very easy to use, making this a great choice for older users or those who aren’t used to request games.


The 888 Casino request is all about pai gow poker. It has hundreds of different pai gow poker games with all kinds of cartoon animations and fast running times. For those who don’t need bogged down by too many games or money management, or don’t treasure card games and sports, 888 is here for you.


Some call this the most user-friendly casino request, and with good reason. This one has it all: live dealer games, many casino games, horse race bet, and extras. It also has great tech behind it that gives the user faster menus and filtration system to make your searching easier.

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